Confidence in Ethereum Continues to Grow: Billion Dollar Staking on Binance!

Millions of dollars continue to flow into the Ethereum (ETH) staking service, which has attracted attention with the Shanghai update.

Investors vs. Ethereum in line with the growing confidence Millions of dollars worth of staking service every day. to enter ETH continues. On-chain analytics platform provided by Arkham data according to Binance’s the largest Ethereum staking address today only $69.4 million worth more Ethereum has been invested.

Transferred to Binance’s address 69.4 million dollars worth of ETH directly Beacon ChainPosted to be staked. This address is the total number of times since it became operational. $1.29 billion It hosted staking of Ethereum worth of 3rd largest address reached its position.

On the other hand, according to data provided by Token Unlock, Ethereum’s annual staking interest rate (APR) is also at record levels. on the network validator The number of (verifiers) is increasing day by day. record by continuing to renew at 586 thousand reached.

Happened about 1 month ago Shanghai Since the update, the amount of ETH locked on the protocol has exceeded the amount withdrawn. In total since Shanghai update 2.86 million ETH when withdrawing from staking 4.90 million ETH to stake if locked. The increased amount of staking and validators also Ethereum’s network security it also strengthens it.

This increasing interest in the staking service is the result of Ethereum on the exchanges. to withdraw Dto led to Looking at the current data on central stock exchanges The total amount of Ethereum has approached an all-time low. This is what’s happening in the stock market. supply shortage Ethereum price positive is thought to reflect.

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