Competition in the smart watch market is getting hotter!

Technology companies in recent years smart watch as to wearable devices It’s an incredible investment. apple, Samsung, Xiaomi Wearable technology is gaining more and more importance for companies that we know mostly with their smart phones or other electronic products. Of course, these investments are also very profitable for companies.

Based in Massachusetts, USA International Data CorporationHe is known for his market research. The company examined the status of wearable technologies in the third quarter of 2021. Let’s examine the remarkable data of the IDC report together…

Google is developing its first smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch!

Technology giant Google is developing the first smartwatch models. The company also owns Fitbit, which currently produces smart wristbands.

IDC announced the latest data on the smartwatch market

IDC’s third quarter of 2021 to the wearable market Its report shows an increase of about 10 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. In fact, the growth was 26.5 percent in the third quarter to capture about 65 percent of the market. to audible devices (headphones and earbuds) connected.

smart watch models

It ranks second after hearing aids. 34.7 percent with smart watches and smart wristbands took place. However, according to figures from IDC, demand is slowly shifting from wristbands to watches. In other words, while the purchases of watches are more, the purchases of smart bracelets are decreasing.

According to the news of GSM Arena, consumers are now looking for more capable devices. Therefore, sales of smartwatches are also increasing. By the way apple, due to supply problems Watch Series 7 will experience some difficulties in the fourth quarter of the year. However, in the third quarter retained its number one place among smart watches.

However, Apple’s overall shares fell 3.6 percent. AirPods and beats remained stable with its sales. Still, Apple took in more than 53 percent of the dollar value for the entire market in the third quarter.

What are the best selling smartwatches?
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Samsung and XiaomiAs for ‘… South Korea-based technology giant Samsung, with 12.7 million shipments in the third quarter Xiaomipassed in front of him. Thus, Samsung took the second place. in this Galaxy Watch4 sales had a significant impact. It saw an annual increase of 13.8 percent.

Xiaomi’s market position is about approx. compared to last year due to its dependence on smart wristbands. 24 percent went into decline. In fourth place is a technology manufacturer based in China, such as Xiaomi. Huawei took place. Despite having bad days, Huawei achieved an annual growth of 3.7 percent. Finally Boat based in India, which sells devices Imagine Marketing, took place in the top 5 thanks to strong marketing and affordable products.

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