‘Community’ Feature Coming to Spotify

It has been revealed that a feature called Community will come to Spotify. This feature, which is not fully functional yet, will allow friends to follow each other through the mobile application.

Spotify is the world’s most popular online music platform.CommunityIt turned out that they continue to work on a new feature called “. Confirming the feature they are working on, a Spotify spokesperson said that the Community is still under development and that users will continue to work for a while. they have to wait stated.

As a matter of fact, in the desktop version of Spotify “Friend EventsThere is a feature called “. This feature allows its users to see the music their friends are listening to. The Community will have a similar structure. The biggest difference between them is the Community feature. more comprehensive to be.

What will Spotify’s Community feature offer users?

When we look at the images shared from Spotify’s Community feature; users’ friends what are they listening to We testify that they can follow. With this; At the top of the community page will be the playlist updates section. With this feature, users can save their friends’ playlist updates. they will be notified instantly.


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Spotify’s Community feature is currently not fully functional. For example, users cannot instantly play the tracks their friends are listening to. In fact, this feature cannot be accessed through the mobile application. However, some iOS users open Safari and type “spotify:communityThey say that they can access the Community feature when they write “. If you are a Spotify user with an iPhone, you can try your luck too.

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