Common Opinion of Leading Analysts for Bitcoin: Hard Rise Is at the Door!

While the important actors of the crypto money market shared their expectations for 2023, they shared a common opinion on a sharp price movement for Bitcoin (BTC) in the near future.

Reuters January 10 In its report published on Arcane Research, eToro, GlobalBlock, and MacroHive to its analysts about the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2023. your expectations asked. The general opinion of analysts your leverage and volatility increasingly low that and recently sharp price movement it was on view. Also, analysts the vast majority with other risk assets of cryptocurrencies similar He signaled that he was starting to move.

Bitcoin Rise Near

senior analyst at Arcane Research Vetle Lunde and GlobalBlock analyst Comments by Marcus Sotiriou, the current Bitcoin price range is increasing. getting tight and recently a strong upward wave It was that he could come.

Vetle Lunde, 2023 “The year of the patient investors” characterized by periods of low volatility rarely noting that it takes a long time, the rise near in time He indicated that he could come. However, Lunde is in a possible bull scenario. old peaks to see they didn’t expect He also added to his comments.

eToro investment analyst Callie cox On the other hand, he stated that the buying zone formed at the base of Bitcoin encouraged him. 16,000 with 17,000 in the dollar range serious a He said that it showed that he created a demand zone.

Cryptocurrency Market Takes A Lot Of Damage

On the other hand, Sotiriou, people of weak economic outlook globally risky to assets from investing you removed stated. from MacroHive dalvir mandara people of economic uncertainty by supporting da Sotiriou’s claims. trustworthy to ports to go enthusiasm that you can suggested.

operating in the industry and 2023 for cryptocurrencies rise year won’t be many experts defending reputable firm involved corruption and the crypto money industry in the near future due to the customers they victimize. new capital won’t enter what you think stated.

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