Comment – Scholz can only beat himself – domestic politics

The TV triall on Sunday evening should be the decisive fight for Armin Laschet against Olaf Scholz. Bringing the turning point. The knockout blow against the dominant SPD competitor.

But after 90 minutes in the ring it is clear: Laschet has fought and dealt – but Scholz has parried. And also arrived. Not brilliant. But so strong that Laschet now needs a miracle to become Chancellor.

This is mainly his own fault! For months, Laschet was of the opinion that he could secure a job in the Chancellery with a snore election campaign. True to the motto: Et would still have joot jejange.

While Scholz gradually built up his image as the alleged Merkel heir and guardian of German state finances, Laschet was simply submerged: not to be seen, not to be heard. Exactly the wrong strategy for a candidate who wants to rule Germany!

Because Scholz offers enough space to attack: Wirecard scandal, cum-ex confusion, record debts. Not to mention his role in the G20 riots in Hamburg. A wealth of campaign templates. For Laschet, however, they were not an issue for months. And if so, then only as footnotes.

A capital mistake!

The triumph has shown: Olaf Scholz can actually only beat himself! His approximate answers, his unworldly financing concepts (keyword: wealth tax), his untenable promises (“no later retirement age”) has not really been knocked out of his ears. He convinces because nobody is more convincing.

Armin Laschet, on the other hand, can now only hope for one thing: the pity effect among voters.

It is his very last chance at the Chancellery. And by far the worst.