Comment – Laschet has to win today at the Trielli – politics

At the CSU party congress, the previous defensive player Armin Laschet finally showed that he can attack.

With hits against the SPD and the Greens, he was able to score in Nuremberg. Laschet has apparently noticed that you won’t gain anything with cross and back passes. Neither in football nor in politics.

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The minute-long applause from the CSU was only partially real. Those who cheered him on Saturday had recently criticized and dismantled him publicly or behind closed doors. Laschet can only rely on the Bayern block to a limited extent.

In recent months, his CDU has continued to lose ground to the former (survey) dwarfs of the SPD.

In the triumph of the Chancellor candidates, Laschet has to prove that he can and wants to win the final on election Sunday. That will be much more difficult than the guest appearance with the Bavarian sister.

This Sunday evening the following applies: Laschet is not enough to draw, he needs clear success to turn the trend.

Voters are like football fans: They like fighters and winners.

Comment: Laschet has to win the Trielli today
Photo: BILD