Combustion Data for Terra Classic (LUNC) Announced: How Much Has LUNC DAO Burned?

Terra Classic (LUNC) Burning operations continued throughout the weekend, despite the interruption of commercial activities. Over 5 million tokens were burned over the weekend and this morning. 90% of the total burned tokens are validators, LUNC DAO and Luna Station 88 created.

Burn Rate Increases by 3.342%, More than 5 Million Terra Classic (LUNC) Burned Over the Weekend

The most recent significant transaction involved the burning of 2.1 million tokens by the LUNC DAO.

According to data from Terra Finder, the most recent incineration involving the burning of 2,190,555 (2.1M) LUNC occurred at 02:44 this morning. The transaction note reads LUNC-DAO-BURN, indicating a connection with the autonomous Terra validator LUNC DAO.

LUNC DAO remains one of the foremost contributors to the Terra Classic burning campaign and keeps the periodic burning promise to support the community.

The Verifier was one of the first to support the incineration initiative and resuscitation plan. The final burning took place shortly after burning 1.6 million tokens last week.

According to data from LUNC Penguins, LUNC DAO has burned a total of 437.9 million tokens so far thanks to its lasting contributions, making it the fifth largest burner and the largest burner among validators.

Alongside the recent burning of the LUNC DAO, the community burned a total of 3,050,018 tokens on Sunday, an increase of 3,342% over the burn recorded on Saturday.

Another autonomous validator, Luna Station 88, accounted for 2,981,683 (2.9 million) of over 3 million tokens.

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