Colorful badge era begins on Twitter!

After buying Twitter Elon Muskhas made many changes to the platform. One of these changes was the blue tick application. After this feature, which is the focus of criticism, Musk has recently frozen this application. According to new information, the CEO is bringing back the Twitter badge sale.

Badges in different colors are coming to Twitter

Elon Musk is making interesting changes within the said Twitter. The blue tick application, which is within the scope of these changes, has also been at the center of criticism since its first release. Musk, who recently made an announcement on Twitter, on November 29 planned to start Twitter Blue approval badge the sale of that you postpone told.

Musk announced today that this application will come again. Due to the problems that occurred, Elon Musk lost a significant amount of advertising revenue. He said that they can make approval badges in different colors to prevent this and to protect companies.

Elon Musk has issued a general amnesty on Twitter!

Elon Musk put the idea of ​​a general amnesty to the vote on Twitter. The result of the survey, which was attended by more than 3 million, is positive.

With the new era that will begin, Musk confirmed that there will be badges in different colors. For companies by CEO gold colored badgefor government agencies gray badgealso for individuals, whether famous or not blue color badge will be.

According to Musk’s statement, verified accounts must be verified before the new badge system starts. manual will be validated. In this case, the CEO ‘painful but necessary’ stated that. The approval badge is monthly. from $8 will be on sale. This service, which was previously discontinued due to the increase in fake accounts, from next week from will open.

Colorful badge era begins on Twitter!

However, Musk Twitter accounts that have been suspended He said it will open next week. The CEO, who started a survey on Wednesday, said that the suspended accounts a general amnesty He asked if he would bring it. On top of that, 3.1 million people surveyed 72.4 percent yes gave the answer. 27.6 percent no used the game.

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