Colombian Government to Use Ripple (XRP) Network for Land Registry

Peersyst, a Ripple-friendly software agency based in Barcelona, ​​announced that after 12 months of work, XRPL (XRP Ledger) infrastructure will be used in the Colombian land registry system.

Innovative solution Colombian National Land Company “AgenciaTierrasapplied for. Registry system, digital property XRPLto be recorded and its originality QR code It is based on the XRP stamp, which allows it to be verified through In order to guarantee the reliability of the land registry solution, in the short term More than 100 thousand title deeds will be saved on the system.

Peersyst Technology has also released an informative video on how they are working with the Ripple team on the subject. He also talked about his renewed alliance with fintech firm Ripple in a recent tweet:

We are excited to continue our alliance for the next 12 months as the trusted blockchain firm brings this technology to us with our fellow traveler Ripple.

New XRP Ledger API Server Launch

Ripple CTO‘this Joel Katzaccess to XRPL data scalability an XRP Ledger API server that aims to significantly strengthen Clio 1.0‘s presentation shared.

The main titles of the Clio 1.0 XRPL server are as follows:

  • Increased throughput for API requests
  • Savings in memory usage
  • Lower storage overhead
  • Easier horizontal scaling enabled

OnChain service provider Santiment noted in its June 30 article that “XRP has recently achieved the largest diversity of daily distinctive addresses related to the community – in roughly two and a half years. According to the article also February this from 2020 for the first time since the diversity of daily “live” addresses in XRP 200,000 of them exceeded.

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