Collaboration for Artificial Intelligence from the USA and the UK

The USA and the UK announced that they will cooperate on the security of artificial intelligence. Countries will conduct many joint studies, including tests, on security concerns.

Authorities around the world began to take precautions on this issue due to the risks posed by artificial intelligence. For example, the European Union officially adopted the world’s first major artificial intelligence law just a few weeks ago. Today, such a move came from the USA and the UK.

The US and UK governments have cooperated to monitor and manage artificial intelligence models that pose a security risk. Both countries will work together within the scope of this partnership, ton at least one common security test Let’s add that it will be realized.

Two countries; able to share information, exchange personnel and conduct technical research

Both the US and the UK agree that security is a top concern when it comes to AI. US President Joe Biden had previously approved companies’ security tests. reporting he ordered. On the other hand, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rushi Sunak, stated that companies such as OpenAI, Meta and Google should allow their vehicles to be examined and said that “AI Security Institute” he had established.

Today’s partnership demonstrates that these efforts will be combined. Agreement; technical research, personnel exchange and knowledge sharing It covers topics such as. US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo adds that the government is committed to such partnerships with other countries “to increase AI security around the world.” So soon from more countries We may see such moves.

For details of the European Union’s artificial intelligence law that will come into force in the coming years:


European Union Adopts the World’s First Major Artificial Intelligence Law: Here are the Details

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