CoinEx Listing Has Become Blood Wanted For Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE)! But Attention!

Meme-origin cryptocurrencies almost left their mark on 2021. Prior to DOGE and then SHIB officially shook the market. These two coins are new meme coins Floki Inu, babyDoge, It was followed by Cat Token (CAT), Pitbull (PIT), Chow Chow (CHOW).

Especially the person who significantly influences these coins with his tweets at every opportunity. Elon Musk When this happened, meme coins started to take place on everyone’s agenda.

The price of BabyDoge (BABYDOGE), the successor to DOGE and SHIB, is the token’s Hong Kong-based trading platform. CoinExIt has been bullish since it was listed via USDT trading pair in .

According to an announcement posted on CoinEx, BABYDOGE deposits and withdrawals went live early on January 18 and began trading for the cryptocurrency shortly thereafter. This, in turn, increased the liquidity of the coin in question, enabling it to rise.

Although BABYDOGE is not listed on centralized trading platforms and is listed on the largest centralized trading platforms including its closest competitors DOGE and SHIB Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and FTX, it has more than 1.2 million users on the Blockchain, most of which use PancakeSwap to purchase BABYDOGE tokens. using decentralized exchanges.

While rival memecoins DOGE and SHIB have seen their prices drop over the past few weeks, the price of BABYDOGE has managed to grab the attention, showing an increase of 350% in the last 30 days and 53% in the past week.

Source: TradingView – BabyDoge instant price chart

BabyDoge was launched on top of the Binance Smart Chain network, while SHIB and other memecoins were launched on top of Ethereum. However, the number of wallet addresses holding BabyDoge has recently surpassed those holding a Shiba Inu.

It is known that major exchanges have listed SHIB, especially after SHIB has become very popular. Although the same situation seems to be a remote possibility for BABYDOGE at the moment, serious interest in coins is attracting the attention of exchanges. However, investing with this foresight would be an extremely risky move.

Also, investing in meme coins like this is extra risky. For this reason, BABYDOGE, following in the footsteps of SHIB, may leave a remnant like the “debris” left behind by SHIB. For this reason, it is recommended to stay away from such coins.

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