Coinbase Lists Two New Altcoins Today

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges based in the USA, has two on the platform today. announced that it will list new altcoins.

Coinbase Assets made on January 25 by to the announcement According to Coinbase, the exchange Audius (AUDIO) and Threshold (T) Turkey time Thursday, January 26 (Today) 20.00will list in .

coinbase In his previous post, Audius and his Treshold roadmap of cryptocurrencies reviewed before listing announced the addition.

Assets to be newly listed in the announcement Ethereum (ERC-20) Users can be transferred to the stock market using the be careful stressed the need.

According to the description AUDIO and T The trading of assets will not be supported in some restricted jurisdictions. Trading transactions will start if liquidity conditions are met and users will receive sufficient supply. USD able to trade in parity.

Among the most valuable cryptocurrencies, AUDIO, $307 million with market value 125. These details of T are not available on CoinGecko.

CoinGecko data in the last 24 hour period AUDIO, 17.7% experiencing the rise 0.332 dollars levels and T 14.3% experiencing the rise 0.0571 traded at dollar levels.

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