Coinbase Listed This Altcoin, The Price Is Difficult To Rise!

Being listed on Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, is every altcoin’s dream. Because the biggest gateway of tokens to US investors is Coinbase.

We know that especially Coinbase listings have a very positive effect on the price. However, the risk appetite in the market is so low that there was no hope in a listing news that came today.

Coinbase announced on its social media account that it will list Flow. In the statement, it was stated that if the liquidity conditions are met, the trading will start on Thursday, May 19th.

The Flow/USD pair will be used first in the listing. If the necessary conditions are met, the Flow/USDT pair will be added later.

Flow, which experienced a 20% rise after the news was first heard, could not maintain this momentum for now.

Flow, which went back to where it rose as Bitcoin slumped below $29,000, is now following Bitcoin’s movements again.

After the previous listing news, we would see that the listed coin was positively differentiated from the market, but Flow did not make its investor smile in this sense for now.

We will be watching if Flow, which is trading 92% away from its historical peak of $35, can recover after the Coinbase listing.

*Not Investment Advice.

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