Coinbase CEO: Institutional Interest in Crypto Grows!

world’s largest cryptocurrency CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrongheld a question-and-answer event on the exchange’s Youtube channel about the current state of crypto markets.

Speaking on Coinbase’s official Youtube channel, Armstrong touched on the current state of the crypto markets. Armstrong first talked about bear markets.

“The Coinbase exchange has experienced four bear markets. In the previous bear markets, we have seen many institutions in the US give up their plans on crypto. However, I do not see such a situation in the bear market this year.”

Coinbase CEO says this is “More adoption of cryptocurrencies” believes it happened. According to Armstrong, it is promising in the long term that institutional startups continue to invest in crypto even under these conditions.

“Many institutions want to exist in crypto despite market conditions. We all see that companies are working on crypto integrations, especially for payments.”

“Merge Update, A Revolution”

Armstrong, last month Ethereum Merge He also talked about the update. The CEO thinks it will take some more time to see the clear effects of the Merge update.

“The Ethereum Merge update has been a huge milestone. Congratulations to the ETH developers, they have worked very hard. In addition, the Merge update has revolutionized energy efficiency.”

According to data from ConsenSys, one of the companies that produce software on the blockchain, the carbon emission of the ETH network decreased by 99% after the Merge update.

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