Coinbase Adds A New Altcoin To Its Roadmap

The largest US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that it has added a new altcoin to its roadmap of cryptocurrencies that were reviewed before listing on the platform.

coinbase March 28 shared on Twitter in the shipmentreleased along with the airdrop distributed to Ripple (XRP) investors Flare (FLR) reported that it added it to the listing roadmap.

Coinbase has announced in the past months that it will include more cryptocurrencies in their ecosystem. After these statements, the giant company that opened dozens of different altcoins for users to trade, Flare shared an update that they might list in the future.

The explanation on why Coinbase has added new altcoins to its ecosystem is as follows:

As we stated during our Asset Hub launch, our goal is to list every possible asset that meets our legal, compliance, and technical security standards. These standards do not take into account the market value or popularity of a project.

To its users the most diverse range of assets Explaining that they aim to present the company, the company pays particular attention to listing coins with different systemic features in different networks. In the statement made in the blog post, it is stated that if a popular altcoin has not been listed so far, it is based on the following reasons:

  • We conclude that the asset does not meet our minimum listing standards for legal, compliance, and technical security.
  • We do not have enough information about the asset.
  • Technical integration work is required.

Coinbase announced in a previous statement that it would support the Flare airdrop, and then completed the distribution of the deserved tokens to the users.

Before the announcement by the stock market $0.0332 dollars Traded at levels, FLR with explanation from 20% showing high performance $0.402 reached. FLR, at the time of writing from $0.381 is being traded.

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