Clothes Identified with Women But Men Worn First

Many garments, such as handbags, heels, and skirts, are considered women’s products today. Well, what would you think if we told you that these were originally produced for men?

Yes that is right. The people who used many things, especially clothes such as skirts and thongs, were originally not women, but men. This change is not due to a single reason. Sometimes it’s because a person has discovered that an item is more beneficial for women, while sometimes it’s just a matter of money.

of manufacturers more sales The fashion world gradually took its present form as it expanded its target audience in order to do so. However, in the changing fashion world over the years, many clothes were for men rather than women.

The elastic strap with buckles, developed by the famous writer Mark Twain to prevent vests, trousers or loose clothing from falling, is used as a bra fastener today.

Twain, patented He originally designed the piece of clothing in such a way that it could be carried from clothing to clothing and used in any part of men that did not fit, did not close, or fell. But today, which trousers or vest closes with a hook?

High-heeled shoes are still widely considered ‘for women’ today. That’s why many think it was invented for women. However, that is not the case at all.


The first high-heeled shoes were produced for Iranian male soldiers in the 10th century. Heel, locking their feet in stirrups when riding their horses, It kept them balanced. It began to be used by men in Europe from the 17th century.

14. Louis

Men’s high heels longer and more imposing used to appear. Even the King of France, Louis XIV, is known for his red high heels. At that time, only noble people could wear red heels.

After a while, women started to wear high heels on the grounds that they made their feet look smaller. Over time, heels thin and tall has become.

Men, meanwhile, continued to wear original high-heeled shoes with wide heels and flat fronts. In the 18th century, in terms of appearance and usage. an item ‘for women’ Men gave up on high heels because it started to take shape.

Handbags, which were used to easily carry accessories such as money and wallets, were first produced for men.


After women started to use it, manufacturers started to use the bags. changed its color, shape, dimensions and men began to use larger bags.

The initial state of thongs and their intended use were quite different from today’s.


It is known that the first thong appeared in Africa in 42,000 BC. Thong, which was also used by men in Egypt, Greece and Japan, was first used in sports such as sumo wrestling. for privacy was used. Its current form emerged in 1939 after the Mayor of New York ordered naked female dancers to cover their private parts.

Until the 14th century, men and women wore similar attire. With the developing technology and tailoring, noble men began to wear short skirts or tunics with beautiful colors and shapes.

man in skirt

Back then, it was fashionable to show well-built legs and it was comfortable to wear skirts. Skirts continued to be used by men until the first half of the 20th century. After a while “feminine” of men wearing skirts Thoughts like that she lost weight because of the skirt began to spread, and men stopped wearing skirts, tunics and dresses.

After the short skirts began to be worn by men, their private parts had to be covered. That’s why pantyhose-like stockings were first produced for men.


When first produced, these socks only covered the feet or part of the legs. Upper-class men usually wore white or colored stockings, while poorer men wore black stockings only. Over time it became longer, narrower and thicker. A kind of pants tights mix Let’s say something has come up. From the 19th century, when these socks began to be associated with women, men stopped wearing them altogether.

Whatever comes to mind when you think of a corset, you probably never think of a man. However, corsets were originally produced for men.


Unlike today’s weightlifting belts, corsets were used in armies, especially among cavalry, for hunting or heavy exercises. The reason for this is unknown, but from the beginning of the 18th century until the end of the 19th century, it surrounded the body and for showing off was used. The designs of the corsets, which started to be used by women in time, became even more colorful.

Bonus: When disposable pads were first produced, it was not even known what they would be used for. That is, until the First World War.


The pads were used as masks and to treat wounded soldiers during the war thanks to their suction power. The nurses soon discovered that it worked for absorbing menstrual discharges. In 1920, Cellucotton, the manufacturer of the pads, was rebranded and Kotex was launched for women under the brand name.

The world of clothing has changed, especially with the perception that ‘men do not wear this’. In addition, the changes made in terms of design have a great effect in this case. However, as can be seen from the content It doesn’t really make sense to call a garment ‘for women’ or ‘for men’.. So, which of the clothes in our content were you most surprised by?


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