Claim: Amazon Wants to Bring Cell Phone Service to Prime

A report shared by Bloomberg suggested that Amazon plans to bring free or low-cost cell phone service to Prime subscribers in the US. It is reported that the company has even started to negotiate with operators in the country for this. After the allegations, a statement came from Amazon on the subject.

It has been claimed that Amazon, which offers many services to its users for a monthly fee through Prime subscription, wants to bring an innovation to this system in the USA. According to a report by Bloomberg, which is based on sources close to the subject, the company offers Prime subscribers in the country. mobile phone service wants to present.

Amazon, free or very low additional charge may offer this service in return. In other words, Prime subscribers in the USA can get additional mobile network service by paying only 10 dollars per month. Bloomberg adds that the company has been discussing this plan for about two months.

Amazon may want to make such a move because the number of subscriptions has not increased.

According to the report, the technology giant is in talks with major mobile operators in the country such as Verizon, T-Mobile and Dish Network for the service. It is said that this move of the company may be to increase customer loyalty.

Amazon increased its annual Prime fee in the US from $119 to $139 last year. As you can imagine, this did not please the customers in the country. So much so that last March, the number of subscribers was announced as 167 million, no increase over the previous year had been seen. So with its new wireless service, Amazon may want to make such moves to increase interest and loyalty to the Prime subscription, which already has many advantages such as fast delivery and Prime Video.

In addition, the company is one of the largest grocery chains in the USA. Walmart also in competition with Walmart offers a subscription to Walmart+, which costs $98 per year. This subscription, which costs less, includes many things like Prime, including fast delivery benefits and a subscription to Paramount+. This may be one reason why Amazon wants to offer cell phone service.


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Amazon isn’t the only company looking to offer cell phone service. Another technology giant Google, Google Fi It was offering a service that was bookmarked. The company, which has agreed with the operators, provides users with this service by using base stations. mobile internet, calling and messaging offered the opportunity.

Such a move can affect operators

Of course, it is a matter of curiosity how the US operators will be affected if such a thing really happens. Telecommunication companies pay around $50 per month because they offer mobile services for $10 per month. may lose customers.

So even if these companies pay to use Amazon networks, they can suffer huge losses. However, Bloomberg says that operators that invest heavily in 5G are looking for ways to generate revenue, so they can’t say no to such an offer.

An Amazon spokesperson denied the claim.

On the other hand, a statement on the subject came from Amazon. Speaking to TechCrunch after the allegation came to light, spokesperson Bradley Mattinger is currently speaking to Prime. that they do not plan to add mobile services recorded.

Bloomberg, on the other hand, states that it may take months for the service to arrive; He says he may never come. In short, there is no definite information as of now. We will see what the company will do in the coming days.


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