Claim About Ultra Good Features of Apple Reality Pro

New allegations about Apple’s mixed reality equipment, which does not fall off the agenda, came to the fore. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested that the product, which will be called “Reality Pro”, will have high-end features.

A veteran Bloomberg and Apple analyst Mark Gurmanmade important statements about the upcoming plans of the technology giant. In the statements made, Apple’s “reality ProDetailed information was given about the VR equipment, which he named as “. Gurman states that Apple’s new product will be “ultra good”.

According to Mark Gurman, Reality Pro will be able to track users’ hands ‘without any hand equipment’. Moreover Everything done on Mac computers will also be tracked on VR equipment. Moreover, a person using this equipment will be able to automatically create an avatar to be used in FaceTime calls. Mark Gurman, Avatar quality states that it will be one-to-one. This avatar will cover the user’s face and body. It will follow your movements.

Even the user’s eyes will be tracked!

There are interesting claims about Reality Pro. It is stated that this device can even follow the eyes of the users. According to Mark Gurman, the user will navigate between applications with their eyes and when he shakes your hand that application will open. In addition, several external cameras will follow the user’s hands. Between VR and AR of equipment will enable the transition It is stated that it will also have a button.


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According to Mark Gurman, Apple’s mixed reality equipment is to an external battery pack Will have. This battery pack, which is stated to be in the size of two iPhone 14 Pro Max stacked on top of each other, will allow Reality Pro to be used for 2 hours. However, according to different sources, Reality Pro to internal battery Will have.

So how much will this equipment cost?


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