Citroen Announces It Can Establish a Production Facility in Turkey

Citroen CEO Vincent Cobee said that if they sell 80,000 cars in Turkey, they can consider a production facility. Citroen Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım stated that this target can be realized in 2025.

Among the popular car brands in Turkey CitroenRemarkable statements came from. Citroen CEO Vincent Cobee, speaking at the launch of the C4 X, which was recently put up for sale in Turkey, in Spain, said that the brand’s that you can produce in Turkey gave the signals. However, there is a condition for this to happen.

According to Citroen CEO, the C4 X is available all over the world will sell the most in Turkey. The reason for this is that the internal combustion versions of the vehicle have also arrived in Turkey. “Because of regulations (for electric cars), the number of vehicles with internal combustion engines in Europe will decrease. Therefore, internal combustion engines are primarily TurkeyWe will direct you to markets such as Israel and Japan.” said Vincent Cobee and explained the production condition in Turkey as follows:

“If we sell 80 thousand cars in Turkey, we can consider a production base”

France, Italy, Spain, England and Germany are our top five markets. If Turkey enters the top 5 markets, in other words, if we can reach a sales figure of 80 thousand units per year as a brand in Turkey, then production in Turkey will be a strong possibility. This figure is not a dream for Turkey, a serious possibility.Citroen’s CEO states that the C4 X will be one of the most powerful weapons that will enable this possibility to come true.

According to the General Manager of Turkey, this possibility may come true in 2025.

Citroen Turkey

Citroen Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım also evaluated the statements of CEO Vincent Cobee. This possibility 2025Saying that it can happen in , Selen Alkım used the following statements: We foresee the market in 2023 to be similar in size compared to 2022. But we want to increase our share to 6.3 percent, C4 X will have a big share in this. This model is also a start for our target to be among the top 5 sales countries of Citroen. in 2023 Our sales target of 49,200 units there is. In 2022, our sales remained at 29 thousand units due to supply problems.

We will bring 10 thousand C4 Xs to Turkey for 2023. This figure to get 15k we are working. Since we, as Turkey, will buy the highest number of units, we are more comfortable with the C4 X in terms of supply compared to the C4. 10 percent of the C4 X’s sales in Turkey will be electric, 55 percent gasoline and the remainder diesel. As the electric C4 X can be 10 percent excise dutyWe aim to stay in. Despite the rise of the Euro, we will work to ensure that the excise duty of the car does not rise.

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