Citizen, Who Couldn’t Get His Money, Crushed Company Trucks [Video]

Working in a coal mine in Şırnak, a citizen named Hakan M., unable to collect his receivables, rendered 5 trucks unusable, which he learned belonged to his uncle. The citizen, who attacked the trucks with the excavator, was calmed by the intervention of other citizens working in the quarry.

Not a day goes by that an interesting event does not happen in our beautiful country. This is an event that you will think about for hours, SirnakIt happened in . According to the information obtained, a man who had a debt issue with his uncle took his anger out on the trucks belonging to his uncle when he could not get his money. Images of the event recorded with smartphones, you are in the simulation the kind that makes you think.

The event revealed by DHA, about 1 month ago it happened. According to the allegations, a citizen named Hakan M., who worked as a bucket operator in a coal mine on the slopes of Mount Cudi, could not collect his debt from his uncle Ömer M. He got angry and got into an excavator. Hakan M.almost terrorized the coal mine.

5 trucks became unusable

In front of the other workers working in the coal mine excavator Hakan M., who directed them towards the trucks, shattered the cabin of 5 trucks, which were learned to belong to his uncle. As the trucks became unusable, Hakan M., with the intervention of the quarry workers. sedated.


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After the incident, Hakan M. and his uncle Ömer M. It was learned that he agreed. While it was announced that the parties did not complain about each other, the fate of the trucks returned to scrap is unknown.

Here are the images of the incident in Şırnak

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