CIMER complaint campaign launched for OnlyFans

on social media Closing OnlyFans A new campaign has been launched for Popular adult content platform Complaint to CIMER Users who said that it endangered morality and family structure. While there is no official statement yet, it should be noted that the reactions on social media have grown like an avalanche.

“Close OnlyFans” reaction grows like an avalanche

Known for including +18 content, OnlyFans has not been on the agenda of Turkey lately. After it was claimed that some users shared their family members on the platform, there was a very intense reaction from Twitter.

After these reactions, OnlyFans started to complain to the Presidential Communication Center (CIMER) platform. In fact, users who create a complaint campaign for this, want to ban the platform or apply drastic measures.

Musk in shock: Twitter's value is almost zero!

Musk in shock: Twitter’s value is almost zero!

According to a report by a major investment firm, Twitter share value has dropped to a third since the acquisition of Elon Musk.

In the shares made on Twitter, it was demanded that all such platforms, especially the OnlyFans platform, be blocked. It was stated that the adult content platform also encourages the community to make easy money.

No explanation has been received from CIMER or authorized institutions yet. However, considering that the reactions on social media are growing day by day, it seems possible to take a precautionary step.

This is not the first issue with OnlyFans. Previously, the social media phenomenon named Merve Taşkın was on the agenda with the posts she made for adults recently. The famous name reported that he was sued for obscenity because of the photos he shared. However, it should be noted that the case was dropped and Taşkın was released.

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