Chinese Consulate General gave the good news of 4 thousand cars

A new move has been taken against the automobile stock problems experienced around the world due to the chip crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the statement shared by the Consulate General of China in Turkey, it was reported that 4000 cars from China will arrive at Derince Port. well this Will cars stay in Turkey?

Chinese Consulate: 4,000 cars are on their way to Turkey

China, which ranks first in automobile production, wants to solve the problem of zero car stock in Europe and Turkey. The supply-demand disorder caused by the chip crisis is finally starting to come to an end. In the statement made by the spokesperson of the Chinese Consulate General, it was reported that 4,000 vehicles will arrive in Turkey.

In the statement made on his Twitter account, the expressions were used, “Nearly 4,000 cars set out from China’s Shanghai Port to reach Turkey’s Derince Port.” However, it is uncertain whether the vehicles arriving at Derince Port will stay in Turkey.

Dealer terror in brand new cars: There is a vehicle, there is no sale!

Stocks are running out fast as vehicles are sold to galleries instead of citizens who want to buy new cars. Here are the details…

The brands and models of the cars coming from Shanghai Port are currently unknown. According to local sources, the vehicles belong to the Chinese brand Chery. It has been stated that Chery, which entered the Turkish market in the past weeks, brought some of its models to Turkey with 4 thousand stocks.

In addition, the statements of companies that have been conducting market research in the last few months do not match the feedback of citizens who want to buy new cars or buy them indirectly. There are several different reasons for this situation.

The vast majority of the public gravitates towards affordable models (relevant sales data can be found by clicking here). However, although the economic conditions deteriorated after 2019, the interest in new vehicles increased.

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