Chinese Bitcoin Miner Transferred All His Bitcoins To Binance: Pulled A Chip?

Recent data has revealed that the Chinese Bitcoin miner has transferred all of its BTC in its balance sheet to Binance.

On-chain analytics firm CryptoQuant to the data According to Chinese Bitcoin miner 1THash, which makes up its entire balance sheet, 5,732 BTC worth $130 million Transferred to Binance.

1Tash, 17 and 19 January respectively in the 54.2 million worth a dollar 2,396 BTC and 75.5 million worth a dollar 3,336 BTC by sending 130 million Completed the dollar transfer.

These transfers are based on the data of the miner. July 2020 It was his biggest debut in history. With 1THash transferring its assets to Binance, he has no Bitcoin left. Experts say that the miner has long actively main reason for not mining ceased its operations He suggested that it might be.

CryptoQuant analyst Julia Moreno says 1THash is a retired miner because the mining pool is the last 30 days in only two blocks stated that it was removed. In addition, according to data from other sources, 1THash is the last 6 months in only 13 blocks took it out. Most of the miner’s activities 2019 and 2021 during this period between from 4,900 It was stated that he had removed too many blocks.

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