Chinese Actors Hit Life is Strange: True Colors

The sighting of a flag representing Tibet’s freedom movement in Life is Strange: True Colors caused outrage. Chinese players blasted the game on Steam, considering it an insult to their country’s independence.

Video games may include elements that may not be welcomed by some countries or communities. It is not known whether the game developers deliberately do this, although sometimes the opposite is true. The last example of this occurred in the game Life is Strange: True Colors and It angered the Chinese players a lot.

Life is Strange: True Colors game takes place in the city called Haven Springs, and the Tibetan flag was seen at the entrance of a shop called Treasures of Tibet in the city. The aforementioned flag symbolizes the Tibetan freedom movement and It is banned in China. This naturally led to Chinese players making complaints on Steam.

‘Tibet is part of China’

Although the rating of the game based on user ratings is Very Positive, the majority of the negative reviews for the game are from Chinese players. In one of the negative reviews “There are elements of Tibetan independence in the game and this implies the partition of China” While there are statements in another, “Tibet is part of China.” statements.

A similar situation occurred in the game called Devotion. chinese players, Comparing Chinese President Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh for the game that referenced a ‘meme’, it gave a much bigger reaction than Life is Strange.


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