China Successfully Tests Ultra-Fast Hyperloop Train

It has been reported that the first test drives of China’s ultra-fast hyperloop train have been successfully completed. If all goes as planned, the train is expected to reach a speed of 1000 km per hour.

Developing technology has a positive impact on the transportation sector, as it does in every other field. The developed vehicles aim to travel long distances in a short time with high speeds. In China, it uses magnetic levitation technology and aims to travel inside airless cylinders. with hyperloop trains He wanted to make moves about it.

Now, there has been an important development in this regard. According to the information from the country, the first test drives of the vehicle were carried out successfully. It is reported that three tests were carried out on a superconducting maglev test line in Datong city, while the capsule was taken per hour each time. reaching 50 km/h It was stated that he could travel 210 meters.

The aim is to make the train the fastest land transportation vehicle in the world by reaching 1000 kilometers per hour.

The purpose of the new generation train, which China has carried out its first tests, is to carry passengers. and up to 1000 kilometers per hour to reach. If everything goes according to plan and this happens, the train will become the fastest land-based transportation technology in the world.

Maximum speed trains in our country 200-250 km/h Considering that it can go fast, we can say that this technology can move forward in the field of transportation. For example; this type of train can reduce the duration of a 443 kilometer journey between Istanbul and Ankara to less than half an hour.

However, it is worth mentioning that the tubes used for the current trials are only 2 km long. In the next few years, this distance to 60 km Let’s add that it is intended to be removed. So there is a little more time for the project to achieve its goals.


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