China Signed a New Principle: It Also Included Digital Currency!

The People’s Republic of China, breaking new ground, included the amount of digital money in circulation while calculating the total amount of money in circulation.

According to a statement by the People’s Bank of China “As of December 2022, e-CNYs in circulation will not be included in the calculations for the amount of money in circulation” started.

China, which leads the studies on central bank digital currencies (CBDC) in the world, also uses a CBDC called e-CNY in addition to physical money.

Total value of e-CNYs in circulation as of end-December 13.6 billion yuan ($2 billion) it happened.

Central bank’s cash and bank statistics, in December It grew by 15.3% to 10.5 trillion yuan. reached. The digital yuan represents 0.13% of this number in total.

According to the statements of the Central Bank of China, the circulation of e-CNY, “significant change” did not lead.

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