China has banned games for under 16 years old!

Chinese government on young people his authority getting tighter. Increasing with the bans it has enacted in the past days online gaming addiction He announced that he was aiming to prevent The government, by decree under 18 citizen access to online games blocked.

In addition to public holidays, only Friday-Saturday and on SundaysIt was announced that the right to play will be given for one hour each. A new one has now been added to these prohibitions. But this time not 18, under 16 years old restrictions were introduced.

‘Youth Mode’ lawsuit from China to Tencent

WeChat Developer Tencent has faced the Beijing government’s ‘Youth Mode’ lawsuit. The government did not explain what kind of violation there was.

Here is the ban on those under the age of 16.

Chinese, under 16 years old Even the fact that its citizens can no longer broadcast and even participate in live broadcasts on social media platforms. announced the ban. With the new bans, the ties of young people who were previously restricted from playing games with social media are also partially cut off.

South China Morning Post’s According to the news, China provincial council for the development of children a 10-year plan is preparing. This is the first step in planning a series of new national directive is currently published. These guidelines aim to limit the time and money children spend on online platforms, especially live streaming services. Live broadcast platforms are also after these instructions. under 16 years old announced the ban on memberships.

How accurate are the bans imposed by the Chinese government?

Social media and game addiction Only Chinese youth It has become the common problem of the whole world. In this situation, many countries bans and regulations brings. However, many people like these bans brought by the Chinese government. extreme defines it and does not approve.

Not only countries, but also online games, as well as publishing, in companies Some taking precautions. However, we must state that the biggest support for children in such matters is again. your families needs to provide. families, their children sites visited and games played required on audits Unless they do, we may encounter such bans more often.

YouTube copies three features of Twitch for streamers

YouTube copied three features of Twitch for streamers

YouTube continues to add new features to the platform for publishers. The company has now added Twitch’s popular features to its structure.

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