China and NASA race on Mars mission!

NASA has long been on the surface of Mars continues its work. The space agency, which conducts research on the surface of Mars with both land and air vehicles, is about to bring it to Earth. various rocks also collects. China will be on Mars for a while before NASA He intends to fetch rock samples from Mars.

China to collect rock samples from Mars

Chinese, in 2031 He is working on bringing the first rock samples from Mars. Mars is in line with this plan. in 2028 He wants to send a spacecraft to the red planet. on the surface of Mars After collecting samples, the spacecraft is scheduled to return to Earth in July 2031.

Perseverance has made an “unexpected” discovery on Mars!

Although Perseverance’s discovery on the Martian surface excited researchers at first, the truth emerged later.

It is a matter of curiosity whether China can complete the task in such a short time. But China, made by NASA detailed Mars surveys rather, this mission will focus on one thing. Just will focus on sample collection That’s why your mission is relative to NASA. much shorter is said to last.

Chinese Mars exploration mission Tianwen-1

China National Space Agency (CNSA) revealed last year that it has the technology to reach Mars and place a rover on the surface. The task of transporting the collected samples to Earth is quite challenging. to complex steps owner. To complete this task space agencies It needs to do a lot of testing on vehicles.

The reward of long-term tests and studies is Rock samples from Mars will be with. Fragments from Mars could be found anywhere on the planet. remnant of life It can provide important data to scientists about whether

China is now pouring large sums of money into its growing space program. Mars and Moon missions China, which allocates significant money, also continues to work for its own space station. The country’s president, Xi Jinping, is telling people the new space station is about space. will open new horizons states.

China, which has been working on its space program for a long time, will soon take important steps on Mars. So what do you think about China and NASA? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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