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AI coins and tokens are trending, and there’s a lot to choose from, analysts have explained.

Artificial intelligence coins are starting to trend

AI coins and tokens are trending as traders predict that AI will be the next big thing on the blockchain, alongside the explosion in popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, generative AI, and similar technologies. Cryptocurrencies revolving around artificial technology are poised to take center stage in the future.

Artificial intelligence is already being used for many purposes, from driverless cars to beating chess players. Experts suggest that future cryptocurrencies will focus on virtual reality and robotics. In fact, there are many artificial intelligence coins on the market. We have listed 9 artificial intelligence coins for you.

9 AI coins for investment


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms. It is the only platform that allows AI to participate and facilitate at scale. SingularityNET allows organizations, companies, and developers to buy and sell AI at scale, allowing anyone to tailor AI algorithms.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a tokenized service layer that exposes data, computation, storage and algorithms for use with a set of deterministic proofs of availability and integrity that fills in as undeniable service contracts. Ocean Protocol helps unlock information specifically for artificial intelligence.


The Numeraire cryptocurrency is the product of hedge fund company Numerai, which helps researchers predict financial models using encrypted data. The organization uses a mix of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cryptography to achieve its goal of crowdsourcing a perfect financial model without losing information privacy.

The Graph

The Graph aims to create a data indexing layer for the development of smart contracts. It collects data across multiple blockchains so that developers can easily access key information to build their own projects. Besides providing data, The Graph is designed to allow querying on the Ethereum network.

Investment AI Coins Announced: Check Out These 9!

This artificial intelligence crypto project makes it easier and takes less time for developers to collect data and create new blockchain-based products. With this use case, The Graph has positioned itself as one of the best long-term cryptocurrencies investors should consider right now.

fetch is a platform that correlates Internet of Things (IoT) devices and algorithms to power their collective learning. Fetch crypto is based on a highly efficient granular ledger and offers smart contract capabilities to deploy AI and machine learning solutions for decentralized problem solving.

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is a blockchain-based computing platform for artificial intelligence that aims to reduce user costs for computing power. It functions as a decentralized neural network. DeepBrain offers traditional AI scientists and others a reasonable, adaptable and tailored framework to research and develop AI projects.

Prometheus Network

Prometeus Network is a decentralized ecosystem made for the influencer marketing, medical and insurance data marketplace industries, aimed at solving real problems in data brokerage. Prometeus Network created by Prometeus Labs

Project PAI

Project PAI is a blockchain protocol for smart avatars in the AI ​​economy. They create such avatars from digital profiles of users’ online behavior. They call them Personal Artificial Intelligence or PAI. Project PAI is founded on the belief that every individual on the planet should have their own digital avatar that carries out all the activities a human does.


In 2017, VeChain had one of the best crypto ICOs of the year, raising more than $20 million in funds. The project has its own blockchain, which is a modified fork of Ethereum and optimized for supply chain solutions. However, VeChain does not use a proof-of-work or proof-of-stake consensus.

Investment AI Coins Announced: Check Out These 9!

In this way, VeChain provides a range of solutions for businesses and organizations such as asset tracking, data storage and more. The native token of the VeChain network is called VET and powers transactions on the VeChain network. This AI cryptocurrency has also seen a remarkable 25% growth in the first two weeks of 2023.

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