Cheap technological products coming to the A101 markets- August 11

The number of electronic devices sold in retail companies and the demand from consumers are increasing day by day. A101, on the other hand, says that with its more than 10 thousand stores, it actively sells in 81 cities and almost all districts. Therefore, when the technological products we want to buy arrive, we can go to the nearest A101 branch and buy them.

These retail stores, which sold a few technological devices alongside the normal products in the past, now dedicate certain days of each month to technology products and issue special catalogs. A101, on the other hand, shared the technological products it will bring on August 11.

Technological products to be sold by A101

When we look at the catalog of technological products to be sold by A101, we see that there are various small household appliances and electric bicycles, especially smart television, smart phone and white goods products.

However, in this week’s catalog, it was the Marin Boat branded 4.95 m long Samba Deluxe cabin fiber boat that drew the attention. This could be one of the most expensive the A101 has ever sold. Moreover, the engine is not included in the price. Here is the A101 technological products catalogue.

President announced!  Togg's mass production date has been revealed

President announced! Togg’s mass production date has been revealed

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the good news for the mass production date of the Togg C-SUV. So when will Togg be off the tape?

Boat, television, telephone and white goods

  • Marine Boat Samba Deluxe cabin fiber boat: 79 thousand 999 TL
  • Samsung 58AU7000 58 inch 4K Crystal UHD TV: 10 thousand 599 TL
  • Toshiba 43UL2063DT 43 inch Ultra HD Smart TV: 5 thousand 299 TL
  • Hi-Level 50 inch Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV: 4 thousand 899 TL
  • Hi-Level 43 inch Full HD Android Smart LED TV: 3 thousand 499 TL
  • Reeder P13 Blue 2022: 1,599 TL
  • Hyundai EC-107 Alkaline Detox 7 filter water purifier: 1,799 TL
  • SEG mechanical cylindrical water heater 65 L: 1,899 TL
  • SEG CM910-SCM9100 9 kg washing machine: 3 thousand 999 TL
  • SEG BM 4001-SBM 4001 dishwasher with 4 programs: 3 thousand 499 TL
  • APEC APB2 electric folding bike: 9 thousand 499 TL

Headphones, tablets, routers, headphones and scales

  • Product smart wristband: 99 TL
  • Alcatel 1T10 tablet: 749 TL
  • Osram LED bulb+ fly repellent: 69 TL
  • Philips TAT1215BK headphone: 349 TL
  • Piranha BT headset: 99 TL
  • GoSmart 64GB USB stick: 69 TL
  • Aprilla ABS 1082 scales: 169 TL
  • Arzum hair dryer: 219 TL
  • Sunny tea maker: 279 TL
  • Arzum hand mixer: 239 TL
  • Phantom broom: 849 TL
  • Aprilla hair straightener: 139 TL
  • Kiwi table top fan: 129 TL
  • Sinbo pedestal fan: 399 TL

What do you think about the technological products to be sold by the A101? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments!

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