ChatGPT Successfully Passed Legal and Business Exams

ChatGPT, which has occupied the academic and scientific agenda for a very long time, has again signed an event that will worry the people in these channels. Self-learning artificial intelligence ‘partially’ passed the graduation exams of law and business departments.

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, has been making the headlines of the scientific and academic world recently due to many events. Although students find this artificial intelligence generation tool very useful, teachers, academics and scientists are very worried.

The reason for their concern is obvious. ChatGPT is the ‘you gave it’write me an articleIt can perform most of the ‘style tasks without any problems. This allows students to progress on the road to success by cheating.

ChatGPT has again made an event that will worry academics: It received a passing grade in artificial intelligence, law and business graduation exams.

In a new study, law professors at the University of Minnesota gave ChatGPT the graduate exam questions they had given to students in four of their school’s classes. Self-learning AI, with an average grade on all exams managed to get C+ and passed the exams.

Besides that, Christian Terwiesch, a professor at Wharton, put ChatGPT on the school’s business exam. Artificial intelligence, Getting an above-average grade of B passed the exam successfully. However, artificial intelligence Exam results are inconsistent We must also specify.

According to the legal team that put ChatGPT to the test, artificial intelligence does a good job of summarizing basic law rules and theory but when it comes to identifying and solving problems with a case it’s starting to bullshit.

When put to the business test, ChatGPT, Terwiesch says, very good at solving simple transaction management and process analysis problems however, it cannot solve advanced process problems and even He failed even at 6th grade math problems. states.


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ChatGPT needs more development as you can see, but even in its current form it’s really scary. Because this artificial intelligence is not yet a ‘baby’He hasn’t even completed his first year yet. Think about what you can do in the future…

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