ChatGPT Professional Plan is now available!

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAl, launched the paid Professional plan, which offers more privileges to the user. So what are the differences with the free plan? Here are the details…

Professional Plan for ChatGPT is now available!

ChatGPT was presented to users in November of last year and made a lot of noise in the software world in the first days of its release. This robot, which can answer many questions, is more chat-oriented and can give surprising answers to questions asked by users.

In the past weeks, claims have emerged that OpenAl wants to make money through ChatGPT. Now, the company has launched its Professional plan, which offers more features than its free plan, which is used for experimental purposes.

ChatGPT is coming to Microsoft Azure!  Cloud-based service launched

ChatGPT is coming to Microsoft Azure! Cloud-based service launched

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT will be added to Microsoft Azure! Cloud-based Azure service is also available. Here are the details…

$42 per month the one which… Professional Plangives you a faster response by prioritizing. At the same time, when ChatGPT is used heavily, you will not be affected by the restrictions made due to the density.

The newest features coming to ChatGPT will be available first to Professional Plan users. In addition, there will be no API request limit for chatbot-based apps by developers subscribing to this plan. The free plan has a limitation.

The paid plan is not yet available to all users. OpenAl announced on the official Discord server that users who want to use the Professional Plan will be put on the waiting list. Also shared a link for it.

It is still unclear whether the paid plan will come to Turkey. Therefore, it is not known whether a local pricing will be made for our country. If the company offers a price according to the current dollar rate, we may encounter a fee of around 750-780 TL.

So what do you guys think about ChatGPT? How did you find the Professional Plan, which is paid? You can share your views with us in the Comments section below.

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