ChatGPT Graduated from World Famous Business School

ChatGPT, the most popular artificial intelligence of recent times, has successfully completed the Wharton School of Business, which has graduates such as Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Hoodie Allen.

Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Business Administration (known as the Wharton or Wharton MBA for short), has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of graduates over its 142-year history. Among these alumni, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and world-famous names such as investor Warren Buffet.

When this is the case, graduating from Wharton, which is seen as the most prestigious business school in the world, is considered a great success. Wharton professor Christian Terwiesch wanted to push the limits of artificial intelligence and put ChatGPT, the world’s most popular artificial intelligence, into a series of tests.

Outperformed many students

One of Wharton’s respected professors, Christian Terwiesch, said:Can artificial intelligence really succeed in university exams?He prepared an experiment to answer the question ‘. Terwiesch, who presented the final exam of the business school to ChatGPT as questions, stated that the exam of artificial intelligence in the detailed report he prepared. Finished with a grade between B and B- and he states that he has gotten a better grade than many students who have graduated from this school to date.

The professor also noted that artificial intelligence not only correctly answers verbal questions such as operations management, transaction analysis, and similar verbal questions, but also explains it perfectly, but strangely, it is one of the math problems that even a 6th grade child can solve. He states that he failed the class.. Arguing that this situation is due to the insufficient version of ChatGPT available, Terwiesch said that artificial intelligence is indeed It proved that an established and difficult school like Wharton could even be used to pass the leaving exam..

So what does the education world think about ChatGPT?

After the publication of Terwiesch’s report, many educators who expressed their opinions on the subject said that ChatGPT ended the love of students to learn, and that many students used this artificial intelligence and, so to speak, that they are worried that they can easily pass the exams without even moving a pen. expresses it.

Francisco Veloso, dean of Imperial College Business School in London, said that educators are against this artificial intelligence problem.oral exams” or they can return to the old-fashioned evaluation methods. University of Michigan Ross Business School professor Jerry Davis said that because of artificial intelligence, everything from the way of education to exams and assessment methods has been rethought and evaluated. that education methods around the world must change accordingly. argues.


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While this achievement is proud for OpenAI and ChatGPT, the education world is very concerned about the problems this new development may pose.

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