ChatGPT Can Now Provide Up-to-Date Information via the Internet!

Investments in artificial intelligence, an important branch of technology, have increased significantly in recent years. As a result of these investments made by companies such as Microsoft, Google and OpenAI, important artificial intelligence tools have emerged.

One of these artificial intelligence tools is ChatGPT, which has become very popular since its launch. ChatGPT, which has been equipped with important innovations recently according to the latest developments, now has the feature of providing up-to-date information over the internet.

ChatGPT can now scan the internet and provide up-to-date information!

Made available to everyone last year ChatGPTas you know, only September 2021It was limited to data up to. So to give an example November 2021He had no information about the features of a smartphone introduced in .

ChatGPTdeveloper of OpenAIofficial twitter or under its new name X With the announcement made on his account ChatGPTHe explained that he can now scan information directly on the internet and provide up-to-date information by indicating its sources. So the artificial intelligence tool is from now on September 2021It is not limited to data up to.

Historical update: ChatGPT will now see, hear and speak!

OpenAI has released the biggest update since the ChatGPT launch. Artificial intelligence will now be able to respond by voice.

ChatGPT This innovation, which is very important for users, comes into play in situations where up-to-date information is needed, such as planning a holiday or cycling tours. Of course, it should be noted that since scanning is done directly over the internet, it is not limited to these only.

ChatGPT can now scan the internet and provide up-to-date information!

ChatGPTThe version of , which provides up-to-date information by scanning over the internet, was provided to users who are Plus and Enterprise subscribers. OpenAIinformed that it will be available to all users soon.

How to use?

You can use this new feature by clicking the “Browse with Bing” option after switching to ChatGPT’s GPT-4 language model. You can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access ChatGPT by clicking here or logging in to
  • Step 2: Switch to GPT-4 from the language model options at the top of the page.
  • Step 3: Click “Browse with Bing”.

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