ChatGPT Becomes Fastest Growing App

It was announced that the artificial intelligence ChatGPT reached more than 100 million active users in just two months. This showed that OpenAI’s chatbot is the fastest growing application in history.

Chatbot developed by OpenAI ChatGPT, has managed to influence the entire internet after being put into use in the past months. Artificial intelligence was able to perform human-like paragraphs, solve math problems, and more, surprisingly well.

Today, an analysis shared by Swiss-based investment bank UBS has once again revealed how successful ChatGPT is. According to the analysis, artificial intelligence fastest growing consumer app became.

ChatGPT reached over 100 million active users in just two months

Analysis shows chatbot in just two months More than 100 million active users He proved that he broke the record. The authors from UBS, “We don’t remember seeing an internet application growing so fast in 20 years.” he said. Data from Similarweb also 13 million daily visitors It was also reported that he visited the chat bot.

While UBS defines ChatGPT as an ‘application’, according to ZDNet, artificial intelligence itself is not an application, but an ‘application’ that wants to create human-like texts.machine learning model’ says it is.

TikTok took 9 months to reach 100 million and Instagram took 2 and a half years.

Let’s also do a comparison to see how fast ChatGPT is growing. According to Reuters, TikTok, the most popular application of recent times, has reached 100 million users. nine months had lasted. On the other hand, Instagram in two and a half years reached this amount of users. ChatGPT, on the other hand, was able to achieve this in just two months. Let’s add that the number of artificial intelligence users in December was 57 million.

OpenAI’s chatbot was attracting the attention of giant companies as well as individual users. So much so that while Microsoft invested millions of dollars in OpenAI, Google was working on an artificial intelligence that rivaled ChatGPT. In addition, let’s add that a paid version of ChatGPT has been introduced recently.


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Besides the amazing capabilities of ChatGPT, a little being criticized It’s worth adding. Many experts were making statements about the chatbot on topics such as plagiarism and disinformation. We have even seen some schools in the US ban artificial intelligence on the grounds that it harms children’s learning.

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