ChatGPT Adds to Microsoft’s Cloud Services!

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT will be added to Microsoft’s AI-powered cloud service Azure OpenAI.

The period they published caused an indignation and since that day began to take over the internet world silently. DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT‘s developer, OpenAI, received a $1 billion investment from Microsoft in 2019. The company has been offering the software it has developed since then to Microsoft.

Microsoft also integrated OpenAI’s products into its cloud service Azure and created a new product line. The company announced that it has opened this service, which has been opened to its own and private customers, to everyone today. Moreover one more surprise announced.

Let’s start with the surprise: ChatGPT is becoming part of Microsoft’s cloud service!

Microsoft has announced that ChatGPT will be added to the Azure OpenAI Service, which is available to everyone, very soon. Moreover, ChatGPT will be its more advanced version, not the public version at the moment. with version 3.5 will be put into service.

No exact date has been given for ChatGPT integration yet. Microsoft only said ‘soon’.

So, what does the Azure OpenAI Service, which is available to everyone, does?

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service was used in Microsoft’s new products in the first place. For example, Copilot, GitHub’s assistant who has become a new friend of software developers, is developed by OpenAI. Codex model was possible with

With its public launch, Azure OpenAI will lead to the development and use of AI-powered solutions for developers and companies alike. Any organization, large or small, will be able to perform many operations such as customer support, customization, advanced analysis of data stack, data extraction and classification with Azure OpenAI in a short time and effortlessly with the help of artificial intelligence.

As you know, ChatGPT amazes many of us with its capabilities, but it is basically an advanced version of chatbots that we have seen in many different places before. Azure Open AI integration, Microsoft customers will enable it to develop its services with ChatGPT.


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