‘Chat Lock’ Feature Coming to WhatsApp

In the newly released update, it was understood that the company is working on a chat lock feature.

WhatsApp, which last worked on the feature of encrypting chat backups 2 years ago, is also working this time. for chats plans to do the same.

According to the details in the new update brought to the application, the company, together with this new feature complete chat privacy will provide. Because chats can only be opened by people who are chatting.

You will need to enter password or fingerprint when you lock a chat.

With the new feature, when you lock a chat, it won’t open without your password or fingerprint. In addition, if the person trying to open it enters the wrong password repeatedly, only can access provided that the chat history is deleted.

Thus, this lock brought to the chat is also media to remain confidential It helps. At the same time, since the photos will not be saved in your phone gallery, it will be impossible for someone to access this chat without knowing the password or scanning your fingerprint.

Unfortunately, there is no information about when the new feature will be available to beta users. But we can expect it to happen shortly.

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