CEO Criticizes Meme Coin: It’s All About Pyramid Diagram!

Steven Cooper, CEO of Bigger Entertainment, accused SHIB of being a pyramid scheme. According to the CEO, one of the popular meme tokens shiba inu consists of a pyramid scheme.

In his criticism, the CEO stated that there were no tokens burned by the Shiba Inu team or any real success. Therefore, he claimed that it is clear that the blockchain project is being used as a cheap token to encourage people to invest in questionable by-products like BONE, a token in the ecosystem.

Cooper at one point SHIB Despite being heavily involved with the project, he left the project last year. While he stopped burning his SHIB tokens, he also deleted meme coin-related posts from his social media accounts.

It’s All Shiba Inu Pyramid Diagram!

The CEO stated that he does not want to be involved in Shiba Inu again after a disagreement with its developers.

“What happened behind the scenes was crazy. “It ruined a lot of people trying to help, including me and my company.” As we know, the manager also claims there was a planned smear campaign behind the scenes. “Saving our remaining reputation was a breaking point for us. The team behind the scenes saw us as a threat and openly said they would launch smear campaigns against us and label us as ‘scammers’ online.”

Cooper’s recent harsh comments came amid controversy surrounding Shiba Inu’s developer community. As we know as, lead developer Shytoshi Kusama faced a backlash from within the community after purging community members who were supposed to help develop the token. Some accused Kusama of lowering the decentralization level of the project. The well-known name of the community, Trophias, especially criticized the lead developer. However, a recent survey shows that most community members want Kusama to stay in charge of the project.

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