CEO Announces: Narrowly Saved $1 Billion From FTX Crash

Cryptocurrency exchange, which was the subject of allegations due to delayed withdrawals, reported that FTX bankruptcy did not affect them and the risk was just under $10 million. CEO Kris Marszalek 14 November During a question and answer broadcast on large amount of stablecoins announced transfers. In this process, which took a little more than a year, the CEO 1 billion dollars He stated that more than one transfer was made, but most of the amount was recovered. Marszalek’s current FTX exposure A little less than $10 million underlined that.

The CEO stated that in the past they were evaluating some of the client orders there, as FTX was one of the few exchanges with sufficient liquidity for some tokens.

Marszalek told customers at the time of publication that the exchange will not stop withdrawals. assurance gave. Marszalek currently only has two FTX tokens and one a securitized token. of the three tokens withdrawal transactions have been suspended reported.

Also,’s native token Cronos (CRO) loan guarantee their claims as denying The CEO says they don’t need any credit, the company has a simple business with a reasonable return, and that they chose to focus on this direction expressed.

Approximate company reserves in the publication 20% from Shiba Inu (SHIB) in response to users questioning the creation of those assets customer deposit He said that whatever customers buy, the company keeps it.’s native token, which became the focus of claims after the FTX crash CROend 7 days percent per period 36% lost value. At the time of writing the CRO, 0.76774 traded in dollars.

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