Cem Karaca NFT Filed in Lawsuit

Cem Karaca’s son, Emrah Karaca, applied to the court when he learned that a portrait of the deceased singer would be sold as an NFT. The expert ruled that the portrait of Cem Karaca cannot be sold as NFT. The sale has been stopped.

One of the important names of Turkish rock music cem Roe, is on the agenda with a very interesting issue. Emrah Karaca, son of the late singer, has been fighting for a while. The reason for this legal struggle is the portrait of Cem Karaca. to be sold as NFT revealing. Let’s look at this event together.

Emrah Karaca, Painter Yiğit Mohaç YücelHe learned that ‘s will sell a portrait of Cem Karaca as NFT. Acting on this, Karaca filed a lawsuit at the Istanbul 3rd Civil Court of Intellectual and Industrial Rights. In the expert examination, it was determined that the portrait in question was inspired by a photograph of Cem Karaca, and that converting to NFT It was concluded that Cem Karaca was commercialized. This violated the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and personal rights. As such, the court ruled that the portrait converted into NFT to prevent the sale decided.

“It may be a first in Turkey and even in the world”

The name, who made statements on the subject, is Emrah Karaca’s lawyer. Glory Gokce it happened. “As far as we know, this decision is the first interim injunction regarding NFT in Turkey. In fact, the decision can set an example in the world. Because although there are still some legal uncertainties about NFTs all over the world and there are very few examples in this regard, the court’s decision to stop the violation in the event by acting in accordance with the technology age, the judiciary in such matters. you have a strong reflex is showing. With this decision, the court accepted that NFTs have an asset value that can be subject to enforcement law. Although the decision is in our favor, precaution is in the nature ofWe are excitedly following the continuation of the trial.‘ he said.


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There is just something confusing here. When we go to OpenSea and search for Cem Karaca, we find out about the famous singer. 43 NFTs We see. The disputed case consists of an NFT. The question is what will happen in this case. Because some of the other NFTs have changed hands in previous periods. There are also NFTs that are actively for sale. These NFTs your fate what will happen we will see together…

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