Cell phones emit more greenhouse gases than the aviation industry

According to a new study, mobile phones, computers and tablets Information and communication technology products such as Mistake aviation even more than industry! Lancaster University researchers reviewed previous scientific studies. According to these studies, the information and communication technologies industry between 1.8 and 2.8 percent responsible for total greenhouse gas emissions. So what do the new calculations say?

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Greenhouse gas emissions will increase unless action is taken

patterns According to the new study published in the journal Nature, the actual rate is actually 2.1 to 3.9 percent between. This is the global aviation industry. 2 percent greater than the rate. By the way, don’t just think of cell phones and computers, televisions, mobile network equipment and data centers also included in this calculation. also Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence It also covers newer digital technologies such as (AI).

Cell phones and greenhouse gases

The problem with popular devices in this regard is the liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. Because in the production of these devices, it is heavily exposed to the atmosphere. fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-GHGs) are spreading. In addition, discarded electronic devices are incinerated in landfills. This is in the air carbon dioxide (CO2) and toxic chemicals.

Moreover, data transfer needed for strength therefore having a negative impact on the environment. A large part of it gas and coal produced by energy sources that emit greenhouse gases, such as Now researchers have a UK target by 2050. net zero emissions He thinks about what can be done for him. The team wants an environmentally friendly technology design in line with the Paris Climate Agreement to be implemented as soon as possible.

Finally, the researchers made a prediction. The scientific team believes that information and communication technologies will not be used unless precautions are taken. emissions stated that it will increase