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Ecstasy in the luxury loft…

A small sex toy taught some residents hormones “Celebrity Big Brother” pretty much in turmoil. There was a little love in the air in the other areas as well. During DSDS star Menderes Bagci (38) reported on his dating experiences, two brawlers buried their hatchet.

“Everything is different than expected – today,” announced the big brother of the TV jail in the live show on Tuesday evening. A change of department was imminent. Moderator Marlene Lufen (51): “A bit like the Bermuda Triangle. Dwellers disappear and reappear somewhere else.”

First, the seven things had to be packed in the luxury loft. reality starlet Tanya Tischewitsch (33) dropped her microphone in the rush. The former jungle camper excited: “Now all the batteries have fallen out.” That called WG buddy Rainer Gottwald (56) onto the scene, who immediately had associations.

The boxing promoter: “Be glad it wasn’t a womanizer.” By that he meant a special sex toy for women. Apparently his roommate had already tried the little joy giver one time or another. Home shopping presenter Diana Schell (52) received the recommendation from Tanja: “You have to get it! Believe me, it works for every woman.”

The sex toy was really made palatable to the ignorant when a dialogue between professionals ensued between Tischewitsch and Rainer. Tanja: “Can you call it a vibrator or what is that?” He actually thought of a more appropriate term. Namely: “Sucking Simulator.”

Tanja Tischwitsch sheds tears of joy when she realizes that the loft exists

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In the consulting room, his loft buddy tried her hand as a sales consultant out of sheer enthusiasm and boldly praised the “Womanizer”. Tanja: “This is crazy! And especially for working women. If you want to go fast, that’s a nice thing.” She even knew: “By the way, it’s also available in a waterproof version, for people who like it wet and happy.”

As it turned out, Tanja and Rainer have more in common than their love for sex toys. When he offered her a foot massage, she didn’t take long to ask. “My dreams are coming true!” While the loft senior kneaded like a world champion, the brunette gave herself completely to his strong hands. “Oh my God! Yes, there!” Tanja moaned in one go. The massage was obviously not only good for her feet. She gushed, “I feel like I can feel it somewhere other than where you’re pressing.”

“She stinks of…” Micaela needs this shower extremely

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Menderes opens up about his dating experiences

The workshop was also about feelings. In the spotlight: Menderes and his dating adventures. Sido-Ex Doreen Steinert (36) wanted to know exactly: “You dated four women or what? And there wasn’t anyone there?” The casting show veteran reviewed his experiences.

Menderes said: “There was a woman around the campfire. She said: ‘Do you want to move closer?’ So I said: ‘No.’” Another was just into machos, he reported further. “You should tell her what to do.” Menderes was out of there too. “I don’t want to boss anyone around.”

Micaela's hair stinks: the extensions have to go.  Menderes helps

Micaela’s hair stinks: the extensions have to go. Menderes helps

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In “Celebrity Big Brother”, on the other hand, some women would have aroused his interest, the cult candidate revealed. “Nudibranch” Micaela Schäfer (39) thought she knew exactly who he meant. Something had struck her. Micaela in the consulting room: “I think Menderes has flirted with me a bit from time to time – on a friendly level, of course.” Doreen even started a call on TV for the permanent single.

Two brawlers approach

When her roommates were supposed to move from the attic to the garage, social media star Jeremy Fragrance (33) and influencer Valentina Doronina (22) stayed behind. A challenge, especially for the blonde, who has made no secret of her dislike of the fragrance fan since moving in. But then a small miracle happened. Left to their own devices, the facade crumbled and people even spoke to each other. Suddenly Valentina struck a conciliatory tone. “It is always said that what is teased is loved.”

But nothing stayed the same here either. In a live match in the studio, the duo had to compete against each other. Jeremy won and was allowed to move into the luxury loft. The previous residents ended up in the attic.

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