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ER is simply part of a casting show!

Menderes Bağcı already proved his iron will in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Now he wants viewers to join in Cast a spell over “Celebrity Big Brother”. From 18.11. the “big brother” watches over the DSDS cult candidate.

Read about Menderes Bağcı’s history and TV career!

Menderes Bağcı in the profile

The career of Menderes Bağcı

Menderes was born in Langenfeld, Rhineland. When his parents divorced, he briefly moved to Bavaria at the age of four. Six years later he returned to Langenfeld to his father. Menderes still lives there today.

Menderes was already a performer as a school child. His favorite song: “Looking for Freedom” by David Hasselhoff.

In 2001, Menderes took part in a karaoke competition. He performed “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, his great idol. The audience couldn’t get enough of Menderes – and Menderes couldn’t get enough of the spotlight!

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Fighting for the big dream is Menderes’ motto

Photo: Mario Jüngling

But Menderes gained real fame with his appearances in the talent show “ Deutschland sucht den Superstar”: A total of 15 times as a candidate, several times as a guest performer, twice as a moderator!

Menderes’ DSDS debut took place in 2002: he performed two songs by RnB singer Usher (“Yeah” and “I Can’t Let You Go”). Unfortunately, the jury wasn’t exactly convinced of his talent: Menderes didn’t make it further and there was no recall.

And yet Menderes tried 14 more times to become Germany’s next superstar. His previous attempts went like this:

Year Menderes has made it this far
2002-2010 casting only
2011 first round of recall
2012 first round of recall
2013 casting only
2014 second round from recall
2015 first round of recall
2016 casting only
2017 first round of recall

Menderes was in these TV shows

  • Menderes is a DSDS cult candidate, but in 2004 and 2009 he tried his luck with “Popstars”, where he even reached the second round!
  • In 2007 the singer made a guest appearance on DSDS in the final!
  • In 2009, Menderes was an animator for “In the Middle of Life” in Greece.
  • In 2010 he was looking for an apartment in the “rent, buy, live” format.
  • In 2011 he performed in the DSDS final – again as a guest!
  • In 2016, Menderes participated in THE reality show “ I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” part. The die-hard wannabe singer was even crowned king of the jungle!
  • In 2019, Menderes was seen at Neo Magazin Royale.
  • In 2020 he tried himself as a presenter on “DSDS – The big reunion”.

Menderes has established himself as an entertainer with his many appearances: the nostalgia factor and his stubborn determination make him a good mood guarantee!

Menderes is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. The singer “to be” likes to perform the songs of the pop king, but Menderes also has his own discography.

He is currently performing at private parties.

Menderes’ songs

Year title
2021 “We fly south”
2020 “On my planet”
2019 “We’re celebrating summer”
2019 “Jackalaka Eyo”
2016 “In the middle”
2015 “Queen of My Heart”
2014 “Beam Me Up”
2013 “Music is My Life”
2013 “All Nite Everyday”
2008 “Unbeatable”

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