CD Projekt RED Launches Donation Page For Its New Manga

CD Projekt RED has launched a fundraiser for the manga The Witcher: Ronin, which is about Geralt’s new adventure. The team has an answer that makes them say, ‘Well, let’s see’, why a company that has the title of Europe’s most valuable game company started a donation campaign for a manga.

Although it was held for a long time, 2020 was a very lucrative year for CD Projekt RED. Despite Cyberpunk 2077’s bad start, the company is looking forward to 2020. 303 million dollars profit reported. At the same time, CD Projekt RED became Europe’s most valuable video game company, surpassing even Ubisoft with its market value of over $8.1 billion.

In such a good period, the company is generally used to raise support for those who do not have the necessary financial means to bring their projects to life. on Kickstarter started a fundraiser. The project that received support is a manga called The Witcher: Ronin.

$560,000 support has already arrived:

CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher: Ronin manga is a 4-part work of nearly 100 pages full of Japanese influences. CD Projekt RED’s goal for the manga’s campaign 107 thousand dollars however, this goal has already been reached, with more than $560,000 in support within hours.

Of course, this campaign also raises the question of why CD Projekt RED is raising funds for a manga. The team answered this question in their own way on the donation page they opened on Kickstarter. Stating that the manga has already been completed and the payments have been made, the CD Projekt RED team said that the new concept of the campaign see how much attention you get and if it attracts attention, it was started in order to carry out new studies on how much such a collection product can be developed.


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The campaign offers different package options to its supporters. According to the amount paid and the package chosen, supporters next to the edition of The Witcher: Ronin various collectibles also owns it.

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