Cattle Prefer Women in Cuddle Therapy

Oxen used for cuddling therapy prefer female hugs to male hugs.

Animals are used in therapy studies We can often witness. Although dogs are generally preferred for such studies, recently cows can also be used for this purpose. On the other hand, oxen, unlike dogs, can make personal preferences. Apparently oxen prefer to be hugged by women.

who conducted a study on the subject New York UniversityKatherine Compitus of , along with her colleague Sonya Bierbower, studied the behavior of the cows in the therapy program. In the study, in which 11 people aged between 13 and 79 participated, the behavior of two Holstein breed oxen was examined. It was stated that both steers were sterile and approximately 1 year old.

Oxen became aggressive around men

In the study, each volunteer took a brush and a bag of feed, and then they interacted with the animals. According to Compitus’ statement, the oxen behaved like “toy poodles”. After the study, the participants A 24-question survey filled it out and evaluated their interactions.

Oxen in interactions with women quite calm And behaved affectionately, became more inclined to eat the food and made more affectionate sounds. On the other hand, they were not that affectionate towards men. The number of “kisses” animals gave to women was twice as many as the kisses given to men.

More on the subject extensive studies It also needs to be done, and researchers will conduct studies to understand the people with whom cattle prefer to interact.


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