Cartoons Are Being Watched With VR Glasses Against the Fear of Circumcision

A private hospital in Ankara’s Keçiören district applied virtual reality glasses to prevent children’s fear during the circumcision procedure. Children watch cartoons through virtual reality glasses during the procedure.

It was shared that a new method, which is taken in our country today, is started for the circumcision procedure, which intimidates the majority of boys. Tensions of circumcised children in Keçiören district of Ankara and help reduce their fears It was announced that they entered the process with virtual reality glasses.

According to the details shared in the procedure carried out by experts in a private hospital in the district, the children will be discharged before the procedure begins. virtual reality glasses to watch cartoons starting. While children continue to watch content on glasses, experts perform circumcision.

1,700 children will be circumcised with virtual reality glasses:

Sharing the details of the circumcision procedure in question, Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital’s Chief Physician Necmettin Din emphasized that the practice keeps children away from circumcision. Religion says that they are very successful in this and that the children left the hospital to play goodbye stated.

Keçiören Municipality Environmental Protection Control Manager Asena Ülkü Ünal evaluated the circumcision organization in her statement. Ünal stated that with virtual glasses, children completed their surgeries without being aware of it and went home without crying. 1,700 children will be circumcised shared.


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