Career Zone’21 Begins December 2nd

The Career Zone’21 event, which will be held by Hacettepe Automotive Group on 2-3-4 December, will be held online. Expert in the field throughout the event

Founded in 2008 by Hacettepe Mechanical / Automotive Engineering students Hacettepe Automotive Group The ‘Career Zone’21’ event organized by the company will take place on 2-3-4 December. Many experts in the field will participate in the event, which will take place online.

The event, which will include companies from many different sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, software and banking, can be followed live on Webex. It will start on December 2 at 13:00. The event will end on December 4 at 17:45. Participants in the event will be able to benefit from surprise draws as well as certificate of participation.

Who is at the Career Zone’21 event?

In the first session of the first day of Career Zone’21, Mercedes Benz Türk A.Ş. it will include. The first day of Career Zone’21, which will continue with Adesso and Boyner Academy sessions Yemeksepeti interview simulation will end with. The first session of the second day of the event will start with Vestel and continue with Canon, Şişecam and Teb Arf. Last day at Career Zone’21 Pfizer In the rest of the day, LC Wakiki will be with the participants. The event will end with a Vestel interview simulation.

In Career Zone’21, where valuable companies are located, students’ entry into career, career planning, CV preparation, interview techniquesThey will be provided with information about different sectors and companies. For detailed information about the event, you can visit the event website by clicking here. Here you can register for the event.

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