Cardano Team Begins Public Test for ETH Sidechain

Cardano (ADA) Input Output Global IOG, the main developer of the project, announced that it has started testing the Ethereum sidechain after releasing the tools needed to create sidechains on the network.

According to the team’s statement on Twitter, ADA’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) The public sidechain testnet was the first of its kind.

In the announcement, it was emphasized that the testnet, which serves as a concept, is temporary and that the network will be reset with the start of the pilot application.

The IOG team decided to make a series of training videos so that crypto investors and developers can master the sidechain initiative. There will also be regular Q&A sessions on the Discord server to answer investors’ questions.

The sidechain initiative that Cardano developers announced yesterday was not a first. In the summer of 2021, blockchain company dcSpark, ISLAND with ETH launched the project called “Milkomeda”, which acts as a side chain between

10 million transactions have been processed on Milkomeda so far, and the number of wallets created has reached 100,000.

Number of Smart Contracts Exceeded 5,000 Limit

According to blockchain network metrics, Cardano continues to grow rapidly. Official data revealed that smart contracts produced on ADA exceeded 5,000 as of the beginning of the month. Cardano ranks second in GitHub developer activity rankings.

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