Cardano Founder Responds to Criticism!

of the SEC cryptocurrency stock market crackerKraken had agreed to stop staking services after the lawsuit filed against n’e for running staking services.

As the crypto industry continues to criticize this case, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano (ADA)presented a new model proposal that platforms and government related to crypto staking activities can come to terms with.

According to this proposal, crypto money platforms that carry out staking activities will be able to offer conditional staking services that work with customer ID registration.

Hoskinson, who made a statement on his twitter account upon the reactions to this proposal, expressed his disappointment at people’s stubborn attitudes towards staking and misrepresentation of conditional staking.

Hoskinson tried to explain why conditional staking is a good idea for the cryptocurrency industry, as Cardano does not implement a KYC regime through conditional staking and does not replace standard staking services.

“I’m still undecided after reading some of the comments about conditional staking. It’s unbelievable that some people are so polarized that they don’t understand a basic concept and continue to distort it.

Conditional staking does not implement a KYC regime on Cardano. It does not replace normal staking. It does not remove private pools.


After his technical clarifications on conditional staking, he ultimately said that this is something everyone should think about and that the Cardano community should not allow “the big divisions that most western democracies are currently facing”.

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