Cardano-Based Altcoin Scheduled to Launch Next Week

The date and project details of the Cardano (ADA)-based stablecoin “Djed” have been announced.

Coti (COTI), one of the developers of Cardano, announced on its official blog page, the launch date of the stablecoin project, which it conducts together with IOG.

In the post, the decentralized stablecoin Djed made starting network synchronizations and integration if the duration varies even released next week declared to be driven.

More than 400% guaranteed According to the statement, Djed, which will be released as Djed, is supported by a strong collateral system, which is in harmony with other tokens and networks with its technical structure. Deploying and deploying ADA invested in Djed’s smart contract details in the blog post SHEN for owners extra rewards It was also stated that they were working on a system to create The developers accordingly gave a snapshot mechanism It aims to add and develop a user interface accordingly.

On the other hand, news of support for the stablecoin project from different exchanges began to come. Singapore’s leading stock exchange bitruewas one of the first platforms to announce that it will list Djed and SHEN, which will work as the system’s stabilizer asset.

On the other hand, with the launch of Djed next week, Cardano-based More than 40 decentralized finance (DeFi) application is also planned to start integration.

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